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Christopher Neill Bailey, Sr.
CEO / Digital Cinematographer

Christopher, is a Native of Louisville, Kentucky. His gifts bring power, sensitive wisdom and creativity to the screen and stage. With experience ranging from over 25 years as an actor, mime, writer, director, content creator, and speaker, Christophers' first love was actually basketball and playing professionally. As he realized that the chances of competing on that level were slim, he turned to his second passion, theater. The profound discovery of acting and film launched him down the path of purpose. Not only was he able to touch the lives of millions with his performances on stage, on screen, and miming, but he was also able to teach students in the classrooms.

What I’ve Worked On

  • Recently directed the music video "Wonderful" for Gospel Singer “Kim Person’s”. He also received a 2021 “Music Video of The Year” Nomination for Gospel Singer “Kim Person’s” music video “Through It All” that he shot and directed. 

  • Produced promo videos for the Semi-professional North Carolina Capitals Basketball team. 

  • Produced the "Peace & Prosperity Life Coaching", promotional video promoting the value of mental health.

  • Worked on various short films and web-series including "Feminine The Movie" and "The Perfect Date" both directed by Tailiah Breon.

  • Served as the "Director of Cinematography" for the Short Film "The Stream", by Brook North. and "Boundaries" which is in pre-production.

  • Finalizing his degree in Digital Cinematography at Full Sail University, Christopher, has also recently completed his very own feature film - turned web-series that is slated to go into pre-production in late 2021.

Click Here to see our portfolio of work. 

"Life is amazing, because you truly never know how things are really going to turn out. We have our idea on the way we think things are going to go and yes we have our input to a degree, but the reality is we are merely passengers along for the ride."


~ Christopher N. Bailey, Sr. ~

Christopher Bailey, Sr: About Us
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