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BCE Power Moments - "Overcoming The Obstacles In Life"

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Your BCE Power Moment for today is in regards to how we handle our obstacles. They are not designed to break us, but yet they are specifically and purposefully designed to stretch, strengthen, and push us into our destiny. So many times we get so caught up in the how, when and why the obstacle is there, vs looking at what it will take to get over it, under it and if necessary through it. I am not speaking from a place of arrival. No. I am speaking from a place in which I am having to apply what has been revealed to me. Its not easy preaching to yourself, doing an honest self examination of where you actually are compared to where you think you are. Trust me they look totally different. It is by His Grace that we are still here and have the opportunity to get it right. Let's remember what it felt like when we were kids at recess on the playground ready to attack that obstacle course laid before us. WE HAVE ALL WE NEED TO WIN! Let's go get it!

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