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BCE Power Moments - "You Had To Go Through It"

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Welcome to the first of many Video Blog post from BCE. Many of you followed us on Periscope, Youtube and FaceBook Live. Well you still can, but what we are adding to our collection of offerings is our B.C.E Power Moments Video Blogs or (Vlogs). Here my team and I will post daily Power Moments to help you get through your day. We all have moments, can we agree on that point? However it is not the moment that truly defines you or reveal your true character. NO! It is your response to the moment that provides insight into the very heart of you. 90% of what happens to us in this life is controlled by how we act / respond. The other 10% is out of our control. That being the case let us learn how to become masters of ourselves and "B-Creatively Empowered by Every Moment We Experience."

Where you are in your life RIGHT NOW, I need you to understand this; I know it hurts at this very moment and it feels like your heart is being ripped apart! Yes. I know I been there too! But "you had to go through it", in order to get to the place you were destined to be. #TheProcess

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