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Before I started at Full Sail University, I was working as a IT Software Trainer for the State of North Carolina. This was a position that I took because my family wanted me to have a job that they felt would turn into a career I could retire from. I had always thought that I would work in IT whereas I would make a lot of money and have an amazing career. This belief system was heavily influenced by my parents, they wanted me to be involved with some thing they felt was stable, so I decided to pursue this as a career reluctantly. But then I realized very quickly that sitting in front of a computer all day, doing routine/mundane task was not as fun as I thought it would be. Now of course I was making good money, meeting amazing people, and doing phenomenal things within my field, but I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t being fulfilled. Because of that I found myself at my desk doing everything else except the work I was hired to do. I was creating stage plays, I wrote a screenplay, I was coming up with ideas for creative video content, and I even wrote a 40 page book about "Unleashing Your Creativity" while I was working on third shift. Because of that I soon realized that my passion was in writing and creating content and not working on computers and doing training lessons on software. That was the day that I knew this passion was only going to grow and if I didn’t do anything about it it was going to drive me crazy. Until finally acknowledge that what I was doing was merely to satisfy those that didn’t believe in my passion and not satisfy myself I was never going to be happy. It wasn’t until I made a decision to go against the grain and follow my dreams did my heart burn with a new ignited flame for the creative arts. And ever since I decided to pursue my passion for films and television, going back to school for a degree in "Digital Cinematography" was a no-brainer. Being that I have been running a production company for over 20 years, I knew that with the way the industry was changing and the speed at which technology is constantly advancing I had to get my hands on my education to strengthen my foundation. Running a production company is one thing running a successful, financially stable and adaptable production company is something totally different.

Christopher N. Bailey, Sr.

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